SUSANA BACA/ “The Anchor Song”

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DJM Says:
August 23rd, 2006 at 7:32 am

Hello All,
To share some light on Maxime LF… ( he’s been singing for years now and is well known for songs during the 70’/hippies/guitar-player folk era… Many of his songs “mean something” (not that usual, you know… 😉
“Etre né quelque part” was a real hit here in France (1988), because text would allow people to think : being equal, having roots and so on… plus the choirs are beautiful to me… between gospel and south africa…
Susana’s version is lighter, more “inside”…

Now Maxime LF tours France most of the time, singing songs from another famous (dead) French text writer/guitar player/singer : Georges Brassens and released many albums with these live covers.

DJM from France

PS : been visiting your site for months… keep on the good work… Have plenty of African music starting in the 50’s in case you’d be interested in a selection, but I can’t write texts the way both of you do, specially in English 😉

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