A TRIBE CALLED QUEST / “Bonita Applebum” (12” Boys Mix)

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Chris Defendorf Says:
July 2nd, 2006 at 11:03 am

thanks for sampling me!
I actually waws talking about the actual rhythms of the drums, not the sound themselves. I had never heard the 4/4 beat “space” or “grid” subdivided like that before. a unique polyrhythm.

By the way, is it just me or do other peoplehave trouble spelling the word rhythm?
I sometimes think that other spellings work as good… rythm, rhythym, etc. The last one in particular, because having two “hy” in a word visually has a , well, rhythm. (sp?)

I just want to say that Q-Tip’s rhyme “Ain’t no need to question the authority” is one of the coolest lines. I was playing in a reggae/funk band “Stylee” back in the early 90’s and I saw someone had written that on an otherwise full-of-graffiti chair. Just seeing that line in the midst of all the tags was cool.

Thanks for all the remixes. I’m going to tell all my friends about bol.

And where should we go next week?
My suggestions:
Jungle Brothers’ “The Promo”
Fugee’s “Killing Me Softly”
Buckshot LeFongue (first CD) , especially “Some Shit @ 78 BPM (The Scratch Opera)”
“Breakfast @ Denny’s”
“Ladies & Gentleman, presenting”

the Buckshot LeFonque CD is Branford Marsalis working with DJ Premier.

Also, a thorough examination of De La Soul’s 3 Feet High & Rising ?

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