SHUGGIE OTIS / “Island Letter”

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Mr. Bomani Says:
March 26th, 2006 at 11:15 am

my home is a lot happier in norhtwestern louisiana because of this weeks jukebox.

mtume, “for corners” is one of my favorite digable joints.
i might cop “island letters” today.

i was just learning how to pull myself up when these songs came out. this puts me in a good place.

name the time and place you wanna talk about al’s “simply beautiful” (i probably concieved somebody off that one).

gotta agree with Mu about mayfield: Curtis Live:”the makings of you”

i wear it out like easter clothes.

asante sana!

Paul Says:
March 28th, 2006 at 7:39 pm

They need to give you cats an iTunes playlist feature. Great mix of soul – from the familiar to the obscure. The essence of a great mix cd. You should sell these joints in Starbucks and retire.

Kiini Says:
March 30th, 2006 at 4:47 pm

That line from Curly Locks is a classic: Your father is a pork chop. Now that’s going to go a long way in convincing her that her future will be secure with him.

and wow, Mtume you said it when you said that “Got To Get Along” doesn’t even seem like a Third World cut. What an opening line “I made my mistake when I showed you how much I really care.” It is intimate, heartfelt, sincere, and they are totally at home in the genre… I’m getting a little War in the pre-chorus “one thing made my realize, all my hopes were being disguised” with the whole group singing together.

o.k., so knowing that Darondo was a pimp, changes the feel I get from the song. I’m actually creeped out by it. I don’t know if I would have been creeped out had I not read the intro… but he sounds kind of demanding and scary. (I’m probably making this up), but I’m loving the melody and the falsetto and the changing of the tonalities of the voice. “there’s something wrong with you”… I’m feeling a little “Lucille” from Anthony Hamilton (I wonder if he’s heard this).

I am really feeling the Al Green cut (of course). What’s so great about this song is that he never really says he was wrong or f-ed up… he says “Have You Been Making Out O.K.”… meaning I been crying all night in my pillow and I really really really want you back. but he keeps his pride intact and only asks straight out “will you consider coming back to me” once, and it’s embedded nice and quiet in the middle of the song. i love the layers in his last question, “can you make it on your own?” so very much!

“So In Love” is beautiful, made even more so by a beautiful groove beneath it evoking all kinds of wonderful sensations…

As usual, thanks for the education.


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