GROOVE THEORY / “Hello, It’s Me”

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Robbert (a whitey) Says:
February 27th, 2006 at 9:01 am

@Kalamu: “Our” music? Really? Elaborate please

Qawi Says:
February 27th, 2006 at 9:48 am

Kalamu said, “I ain’t saying Amel can’t sing, but if you’re not going to do your thing and instead are just going to imitate somebody else’s thing, well, why? You know what I’m saying?”

While I can appreciate your sentiments, sometimes the nature of a cover is to RECONNECT folks with the original. Especially if the cover is good. In many cases of modern music, after I’ve heard the covered version, I sought after the original just to hear the difference. It is true that each artist has their own flair or interpretation of each piece. I grew up on the Isley’s version…it’s a CLASSIC. Listening to Rundgren’s makes me think of a light-Rock-Beatles version. It’s airy, sutble, and has more orchestration and a good way. The Isley’s of course is soulful and sincere.

Which brings me to the Groove Theory version…it is in fact a cover of a cover. Only slightly dressed up from the original cover. But listening to it still gives me a fresh perspective…a woman’s perspective. As I guy, I can did that! The expression or embodiment of the song can be felt differently with each artist. As I like the Isley’s version, Ron Isley wasn’t singing that song to me. However, Amel was. Now if Alycia Keys sang it…watch out, LOL!

Likewise, though John Legend’s version DOES NOT speak to me. It almost gives me a headache. But, I’m sure women like it.

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