ROY CAMPBELL TRIO / “Amadou Diallo”

MP3 06 Amadou Diallo.mp3 (11.60 MB)

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Assim Says:
February 15th, 2006 at 8:14 pm

I’d like to know who is playing percussion on the Amadou Diallo track? Was he playing a roped conga, an ashiko (earth drum) or djembe in that opening sequence?

     Mtume says:      

The drummer is Hamid Drake who I’ve previously only heard on non-jazz records like the Mandingo Griot Society’s "Sounds Of The Bush" and on a couple of Herbie Hancock’s electro-funk records. Drake’s been around a long time though – that Mandingo Griot Society record came out in the late Seventies. They don’t specify what kind of drum Drake is playing on "Amadou," although it’s some sort of hand drum, obviously. It only says, "drums and percussion."

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