JHELISA / “Ooh Child”

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ras kagiso Says:
September 11th, 2005 at 12:21 pm

sept 11
just figured out how this website works..
i love all the music this week
i cannot stop listening to “far i have come” be jhelisa

i anxiously await the release
give much thanks for introducing i to these musicks..

guidance protection love and peace

Okra Says:
September 11th, 2005 at 2:56 pm

“Starfishing”… This is something more than something else. It begs for tears, and the listener must submit. I’m in a computer lab holding back. Damn… this is the type of song Cassandra Wilson should be making instead of repeating “Blue Light…” over and again. Raw and futuristic. Slow and time-less. Tell Jhelisa she’s captured a moment of forever… Y’all take care.

Alkma Says:
September 18th, 2005 at 12:16 pm

This is so beautiful, when, when, when is the release happening! Oh, I missed the download, is there anyway possible you could put in up again even for a day an hour and let me know when you do it? Thanks, Peace

          Jhelisa is working on a new release now         

jhelisa has a new release coming from infracom (a german lable). don’t know when the starfishing project will be released.

as for posting past mp3s, that’s a suggestion we are considering. more in a minute,


Paula Says:
September 25th, 2005 at 12:36 pm

Every now and then I google search Jhelisa to find out any new happenings in her world..I am a long time fan of her music. I was very pleased to come across this site, and to know that Jhelisa is back in London. Waiting anxiously to hear her new release.

Sam Seed Says:
November 4th, 2005 at 5:36 pm

I’m the same Paula… Jhelisa is indeed illusive, no website (that I know of) but two brilliant albums and a gorgeous E.P a few guest appearances here and there and then nothing! The first tune I heard of Jhelisa’s was the 12″ on Dorado, Sally’s Knocking. Little did i know at that time, (and didnt find out til a long time after) that the vocalist on a tune I was bang into ‘I don’t even know if I can Call you Baby’ by a band called ‘The Soul Family sensation’ was Jhelisa. After hearing Sally’s knocking, I waited patiently for an album which I was not dissapointed when Galactic Rush soon came along (Secret Place kills me every time!)… Galactic moods followed which was a beautiful E.P, but for me ‘Language Electric’ is my favourite album by Miss J. Sublime, soulful, and dark in places, it sounds as fresh today as it did on its release. In fact the thing I find about Jheisa’s work is it grows on you. What starts off with being the tune I tend to skip for others at the beginning, ends up being my favourite on the album!A true sign of quality!

I heard the tune Star Fishing played on Gilles Petersons Worldwide BBC radio show several years ago and shortly afterwards caught a fantastic one off Live set at London’s Jazz cafe where Jhelisa previewed some new material I’ve been waiting ever since! I’m so glad that the Album ‘Sunday in Algiers’ is soon to be released… I’ve only heard a few snippets but it sounds like it will be as good if not better than her first two.


Sam… Bedford U.K

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