ROKIA TRAORÉ / “Bowmboï”

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Rudy Says:
July 17th, 2005 at 1:46 pm

Congratulations! For the first time in the jukebox you have achieved texture, one piece weaves into the other. My other metaphor is tonal poem, that the selection itself be a performance.

Of course, you all got a lot going on here. You got good images, good layout, good commentary. You got interviews. My God who can complain. And to top it all off, its free. Nothing is required but to click.

I know critical feedback is desired. But sometimes you just want music in the background while you working at the computer.

In any event you guys are wonderful to bring music to my attention that I probably would not know otherwise.


Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah Says:
July 17th, 2005 at 10:59 pm

Interesting review… I too was Cooking with Rokia Traoré last year and dug where she took the music. It was very self-assured and almost virtuosic live better than when she was promoting Wanita and the new album is still getting much play.

There is a little controversy however among those who follow African music with a theory I heard expressed that the media have anointed her because she fits a certain aesthetic of what African music is and that people don’t listen to her music back home. In other words, the tale goes that Malians these days listen to Amadou and Mariam or to pop Salif Keita joints that are never released outside Mali.

For me at least, this is all water under the bridge because Rokia is for real and is going places. She is genuinely popular and her music speaks for itself. There’s a reason I compare her to Miles Davis’s First Quintet.

Mtume says:                                                          

If anyone reading this wants to learn more about Rokia’s music, particularly from the perspective of a fellow West African (Koranteng is from Ghana), CTRL-click or APPLE-click the ‘Cooking with Rokia Traoré’ link in Koranteng’s response (see above). It’ll take you to his blog "Koranteng’s Toli" and his review of a recent Rokia Traoré live performance.

drfeelgoed Says:
July 19th, 2005 at 12:54 am

Just listening now to this track, beautiful. I bought a DVD compilation a couple of months ago which included the last track from her Rokia Traoré Live DVD (not at Amazon, don’t ask me why!) & that one blew me away, incredible performance.

Just a question regarding ‘racism’ (& pls keep in mind that I really like ‘breath of life’), but I can’t help wondering what would happen if I started my own blog & call it ‘A conversation about white music’…. Anyway, keep up the good work.

           Mtume says:          

Kalamu, you want to take this one, or should I?


          Kalamu says:               Kalamu says:      

mtume, i got it, but first let me stop laughing ;->)

other than not having any contemporary music to share, what’s stopping you "dr. feelgoed" from doing a blog & calling it "a conversation about white music"? do it! you have nothing to fear from us—we have never lynched whites for whistling a tune.

what probably would happen is that you would quickly become bored with yourself and be sneaking cross the tracks at midnight to catch a breath of life. and by the way, from the way you express your admiration for rokia traore, i don’t think the gratuitous charge of racism applies to you (and i know you didn’t mean to apply it to us!)… anyway, keep up the good work. i’m waiting…

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